Data Collection Overview

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Data Collection Overview

Data Collection Overview’ is a dashboard that provides statistical information about data collection performance every data collection source including:

  1. Collect API

  2. Form Based

  3. Mobile

  4. CSV Upload

On this page you will find 2 widgets:

  1. The “Trends” widget displays information on the amount of data uploaded during different time periods ( Last 7 days, Last 15 days, Last 30 days)

  2. The “Statistics” widget displays statistics around the dataset

    • The ‘Request’ column displays the number of data collection requests that could be uploaded to the dataset

    • The ‘Collected’ column displays the amount of data that was successfully collected

    • The ‘Exceptions’ column displays the requests which were not fulfilled due to an error

  3. Click on exception number to open a slider with detailed information about errors

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