Configuring Dataset

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Configuring Dataset

Configuring a dataset prepares your project’s data before entering it.  In Skyl, you can enter the name of the dataset, a short description for the dataset, the values for the categories, and the classification of the image

  1. After choosing a project name and description, you will be directed to the ‘Design the Dataset for your Project’ page. Here, choose a name and write a short description for your dataset

    Sample dataset: ‘SCface’

  2. Below this, you can enter multiple categories columns. Each categorical column can have many categorical values. In this case, the categories are ‘gender’ and ‘eye color’. Their respective values are ‘male’ and ‘female’ for the former and ‘green’, ‘blue’, ‘brown’, and ‘black’ for the latter.

  3. Select ‘Submit’ after entering the details

  4. Click on ‘Cancel’ to design your dataset later. In this case, the details entered will not be saved and the user will be directed to the Skyl Welcome Page

  5. You can select the card for this project anytime to continue with designing your dataset

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