Create a Text Classification Multiclass based project

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Create a Text Classification Multiclass based project

Multiclassification is the process through which computers classify blocks of unstructured text that contain three or more categories underneath a single category. For example, a set of different new articles may be  about sports, politics, or entertainment. Multiclass classification assumes that each article can be assigned to a single label, so an article can be either a politics or a sports but not both at the same time.

To create a Text Classification Multiclass project:

  1. Select ‘Add Project’ on the Welcome page of

  2. You will be directed to the ‘Select a Machine Learning Template for your Project’ page

  3. Select ‘Text Classification Multiclass’ under ‘Natural language Processing’ to begin a text classification multiclass project

  4. To learn more about Text Classification Multiclass projects, select ‘Learn More’ underneath the box

  5. Select “Select This Template” to be directed to the ’Define your Project Name and Outcome‘ page where you can enter a name and short description of your project

  6. Select ‘Create Project’ to create the project, or ‘Cancel’ to cancel the project

  7. For example: News Category Classification

  8. News Category Classification will appear on the Welcome Page of Skyl

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