Create a Text Classification Multilabel based project

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Create a Text Classification Multilabel based project

Multilabel classification assigns different labels to a sample set. This process is similar to predicting properties of data-points that are not mutually exclusive. For example, a body of text about books could contain the authors name, publication location, title of the book, and publishing year. It could also contain none of these.  Skyl allows you to label these texts in multiple categories if necessary.

To create a Text Classification Multilabel  project:

  1. Select ‘Add Project’ on the Welcome page of

  2. You will be directed to the ‘Select a Machine Learning Template for your Project’ page

  3. To create a text classification multilabel project, select ‘Text Classification Multilabel’ under ‘Natural language Processing’

  4. To learn more about Image Classification MultiLabel projects, select ‘Learn More’

  5. Choose “Select This template” to be directed to the ’Define your Project Name and Outcome’ page. From this page, enter a name and short description of your project

  6. Select ‘Create Project’ to create the project, or ‘Cancel’ to cancel the project

  7. For example: Twitter Sentiment Analysis

  8. Bio-Entity Recognition Task will appear on the Welcome Page of Skyl.

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