Data Collect using CSV Upload

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Data Collect using CSV Upload

Skyl’s CSV Upload is another method of data collection through which a user can upload large amounts of data to the dataset using a .csv file format.

  1. Select “CSV Upload” under the “Data Collection” module

  2. Select the “Upload CSV” link-button

  3. An Upload CSV widget will appear

    Before uploading your .csv file, you must make sure it has the same schema as the dataset

  4. Select “Download Dataset Schema”. From here, you can view the schema of the dataset and compare it with the schema of your existing .csv file. You can also choose to download the dataset schema as a template for data collection

  5. Once you have confirmed that your .csv file has the same schema as your dataset, you can proceed to drag-in your file to the blue section or select the blue section and choose the appropriate file. From here, uploading the dataset begins

  6. To preview the data, upload and choose which data to add to an existing dataset. From here you can also create a new dataset and add it there

  7. Select “Upload” to send your data to existing dataset

  8. Alternatively, you can select “Add as New Dataset”. Proceed by giving your new dataset a name and description, then select the “Upload” button

  9. A widget will pop up that displays the uploaded .csv files

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