Data Labeling using Form Based Collaboration

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Data Labeling using Form Based Collaboration

Skyl’s Form Based data labeling is another method to label data which can be done through Skyl Web Collaborator app. You can create a label job to label data and add collaborators. Each collaborator can login to the Web Collaborator App and start labeling data immediately.

The Data Labeling Form Based page displays:

  • Each form based job created for data labeling

  • Trends about the amount of data labeled with Skyl web app

Each job widget displays collaborators and labeling progress.
Users can send messages to all collaborators, or personal messages to other collaborators.
Users can also edit jobs, add collaborators, or remove collaborators.

If user is also a collaborator in a job, he/she can see ‘Start Labeling’ button that will redirect them to Skyl Collaborator App where they can start the labeling job.

The ‘Trends’ widget on the ‘Data Labeling Form Based’ page displays information concerning the amount of data labeled during either the last 7, 15, and 30 days.

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