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Evaluate Model

Model evaluation in Skyl.ai allows you to evaluate your text multiclass models using a test dataset.  You can automatically compare how well your models are performing by to the true data. This can be done through uploading a completed .csv and viewing the test results by clicking on the dataset.

  1. Select ‘Evaluate Model’ under Machine Learning

  2. Select ‘Start a New Model Evaluation’ on the top right-hand corner of the screen’

  3. Select which deployed model you would like to test and evaluate under “Select a Deployed Model”

  4. Check that your.csv file has the proper schema by selecting “Download Model Evaluation Schema” above the blue box

  5. Upload your .csv file by dragging and dropping into the blue box or choosing it from a local file

  6. Preview your .csv file before evaluation process

  7. Click “Start Evaluation” to start the evaluation process or “Cancel” to cancel the evaluation

  8. Wait until evaluation process will be completed

  9. Review prediction confidence, evaluation result, performance metrics, and class metrics

  10. Download evaluation result as .csv file