Data Collect using Collect API

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Data Collect using Collect API

Skyl’s Collect API is a method of data collection through which data can be uploaded directly from its source. You can connect the API to your application and start collecting data immediately.

  1. Select “Collect API” under the “Data Collection” module

  2. Select “Get Project Access Token” to navigate to the ‘Project Access Token’ page. From here, create a Project Access Token

  3. In the “Project Access Token” page, select “Create Access Token” to generate an access token

  4. Copy Access Token

  5. Return to the ‘Collect API page’ and select the required code snippet

  6. Replace “PROJECT_ACCESS_TOKEN” with the Project Access Token

  7. Under ‘free_text’ replace “VALUE_OF_THIS_COLUMN” with the text that will be categorized

  8. The next properties, in this case, ‘dna’, ‘protein’, ‘cell_line’, and ‘cell_type’, require that you replace “NAMED_ENTITY” with a word/phrase from ‘free_text’ that represents that named entity. Also add the starting index of the word under ‘idx’.
    (Note: Named Entity is an array of objects and the array is zero-based)

  9. Integrate the code into your system

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