Configuring Dataset

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Configuring Dataset

Configuring a dataset prepares your project’s data before entering it, ensuring clean and accurate data.  In Skyl, you can enter the name of your dataset and a short description for your dataset. You can also create labels for your dataset and assign values for each label.

  1. After choosing a project name and description, you will be directed to the ‘Design the Dataset for your Project’ page. Here, name and describe your dataset.

    Sample dataset: ‘Bio Entity’

  2. Enter the desired named-entity values, which will be used to label pieces of text. In this case, the text could be labeled as either “cell_line”, “cell_type”, “dna”, or “protein”

  3. Select ‘Submit’ after entering the details

  4. Select ‘Cancel’ to design your dataset later. In this case, the details of the project will not be saved and you will be directed to the Skyl Welcome Page

  5. You can select the card for this project at any point to continue designing your dataset

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