Data Labeling Overview

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Data Labeling Overview

The ‘Data Labeling Overview’ page provides a dashboard that showcases statistical information about your model’s data labeling performance from each data collection source.

The “Trends” widget displays information concerning the amount of data labeled during either the last 7, 15, or 30 days.

The “Statistics” widget displays statistics concerning the labeled data per label source.

The “Label Columns” widget displays the list of all label columns created in the dataset for the purpose of capturing labels. In order to label data, you must create a column that the label of the record will be stored. This column is called the ‘Label Column’. Apart from listing the existing label columns, the “Label Columns” widget allows you to create new label columns.

Steps to create a label column:

  1. Select the “Add Label Column” button which will open a slider

  2. Select the collect column you need to label

  3. Provide a column name and description

  4. Click the “Create” button to complete creating a label column

Please note, users can only create one label column for each collect column.

The “Labeling Outlier Trends” widget displays statistics concerning the outliers for each label column both before and after labeling.  In Skyl, an outlier is a record that has been labelled differently than the value that it was collected for in the ‘collect’ column.

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