Selecting a Machine Learning Template

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Selecting a Machine Learning Template

A machine learning template is a guided workflow that creates ML projects seamlessly. They simplify the ML process by allowing you to streamline your project depending upon your use-case.

You can choose between image classification, text classification, and natural language extraction templates. Respectfully, these templates help categorize images, classify text, and extract keywords from text.

ML templates customise options for data collection, data labelling, and even algorithms for machine learning depending on the use-case and suggestions.

  1. Select the “Add Project” box

  2. You will be directed to a templates page

  3. Choose between Computer Vision projects and Natural Language Processing projects

    1. Under Computer Vision, you can either choose Single Class or Multi Class image classification projects
    2. Under Natural Language Processing you can choose between Text Extraction, Text Classification, or Multi Label Classification projects
  4. After selecting your template, you will be able to name, describe, and add members to your project

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