Deleting a Project

Deleting a Project

A project in Skyl can be deleted by a Project Lead or Business Owner. Once the project has been deleted, the datasets, trained models, and model deployment associated with the project will no longer be accessible.

To delete a project:

  1. Click on “Admin” on sidebar navigation

  2. Select the “Project Settings” tab

  3. Click on the “Delete” button

  4. Click on “Delete Project” in the confirmation popup window.

Manage User Profile

Manage User Profile

Your user profile lists your full name, email, and projects that you are a member of.

To view and update your user profile:

  1. Select the icon containing your initials on the top right-hand corner of the screen

  2. Select “Profile” from the following dropdown menu

From here you can:

  1. View and edit your full name

  2. View your email ID

  3. Change your account password

To update your password:

  1. Select ’Change Password’

  2. Enter your current password

  3. Enter a new password

  4. Select “Save” to change your account password

  5. Select “Cancel” to cancel your password change

Your personal details can be viewed or edited from the admin module as well.

To edit your personal details:

  1. Select the pencil icon after hovering over the Personal Details section

  2. On the right-hand slider, you can edit your

    1. Name
    2. Role
  3. After editing, select “Save”

Manage Team Members

Manage Team Members

Team Members can help you lead a project or label datasets. Team members can be added, removed, and activated or deactivated at any time. An activated team member will can view a project, and a deactivated team member cannot.

To view and manage your team members:

  1. Select “Team Members” on the Welcome page. You will be sent to a list of team members, your shared organizations, and their most recent activity

  2. Activate or deactivate team members by selecting the toggle button

  3. Team members can be activated or deactivated during any point in the process

To invite new team members :

  1. Select “Team Members” on the Welcome Page

  2. On the following page, select “Add New Team Members” on the upper right-hand side

  3. Enter the Name and Email of the new member and select “Add Team Member”

  4. If the user is already a Skyl member, they will receive a notification saying they have been added to this group

  5. If the user is not a Skyl member, they will receive a sign-up request via email

Manage Organisation

Manage Organisation

In Skyl, an organization is a group of users who collaborate on a machine learning project.  Every Skyl user can be a part of multiple organizations.

To view all the organization:

  1. Select the icon containing your initials on the top right corner of your screen

  2. In the dropdown menu, view your organizations and your role

To view or edit your organizational details:

  1. Select Admin from the left dashboard

  2. From here, select the “General” tab

  3. Here, view your personal, organizational, and project details

  4. To edit your organizational details, hover over the Organization Details section and select the pencil icon

  5. On this page, you can edit your:

    1. Organization Name
    2. Organization Address
    3. Country
    4. Email
    5. Mobile Phone
    6. Office Phone
  6. Select the “Save” button when you have finished editing your organization details